New Student Information

Welcome New Students!

Congratulations on your admission offer! We applaud your achievements and acknowledge the sacrifices that you and your family have made to get you to this moment. UC Davis will support you through a campus-wide network of professional staff and services, prepare you to excel in your chosen career field and provide you with a meaningful college experience. Add your passion for learning, commitment to excellence and desire to make a societal impact, and it's a dynamic combination for a future without limits.

Our Department houses four unique majors housed within the BFTV Cluster – Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE), Food Science and Technology (FST), Textiles and Clothing (TXC), and Viticulture and Enology (VEN). To help you get better acquainted with your major, we have provided you with this comprehensive look at our undergraduate programs and resources for academic support and personal growth. There is a lot to learn before you start your first quarter, but we are here to guide you every step of the way!

Next Steps

Now that you have completed Aggie 101 and reviewed the information for new students provided by the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, you are ready to review the following information in preparation for scheduling your first quarter at UC Davis. This webpage is meant to be a resource for you as you prepare to meet with your major advisor. If you have any questions after exploring our website, feel free to contact the BFTV Advising Team at

Preparing for your Major Advising Appointment

Schedule your first advising appointment with your major advisor by July, 31, 2020. In your advising appointment, you will be meeting with one of our two Major Advisors (Elizabeth Price or Stephanie Myers). They will help you select courses for your Fall 2020 schedule and answer any questions you may have to plan your first quarter, such as what General Education courses to select, placement exam information, Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) scores, or any coursework you may have transferred from another institution.

If you have follow-up questions for your Major Advisor after your initial appointment, you may contact them directly beginning Aug. 3.

Academic Planning

Academic planning covers everything from your class schedule to what time of day you do your homework. There are many factors involved when building your schedule. You should consider course restrictions, prerequisites and availability in addition to your personal interests and professional goals.

Click here to view Sample Academic Plans

Course Registration for New Students

You will be able to register for courses during your assigned Pass Time.


Registration for incoming freshmen runs from August 3-5, 2020. Freshmen are encouraged to take 12-15 units in their first quarter (approximately 3-4 classes).


Registration for incoming transfer students runs from August 10-19, 2020. Transfer students should take 14-15 units in their first quarter (approximately 3-4 classes). If you are declared in one of the BFTV majors, your Major Advisor will verify which courses they accepted towards your degree requirements before Fall registration. Keep an eye out for this notification sent to your UC Davis email address from OASIS.

Changing Majors

  • Students may not change majors until after successfully completing at least one quarter at UC Davis (must be in good academic standing).

  • The first step to changing majors is to contact your intended major advisor to develop an academic study plan.

  • Students may submit a Change of Major petition online in OASIS:

    • Logon with your UCD Login ID and Kerberos password.

    • Click the “Forms & Petitions” tab, then “Submit a New Form.”

    • Complete and submit both the Change of Major petition and Academic Plan. Change of Major petitions not accompanied by online academic plans will not be approved.

Top 5 Tips for New UC Davis Students:

Be realistic about your expectations. A lot of students come in and think that they are going to succeed academically, find their new best friends, and find the perfect romantic partner all in the first week. These things might happen, but they often take time! UC Davis is a multi-year stretch, so remember to pace yourself!

Try to branch out beyond your immediate surroundings. It can be tempting to spend all of your time in one place at first, be it with your new roommate/people in your building, with your family, or even by yourself. There is nothing wrong with any of these things, but try and see what more UC Davis has to offer. If your schedule can handle it, try joining a student organization, getting involved with research on campus, or even getting a part-time job. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Try to learn from your imperfections. If you do not do well on your first paper or your first midterm, this does not mean that your career is over or that UC Davis is not for you! Instead, try to understand what you did wrong so that you can do better next time. After all, your primary objective at UC Davis is to learn!

Keep a balanced schedule. During a major transition it can be hard to keep track of all of your priorities. But, try to find a balance between your academic needs, your social needs, and your personal needs. Everyone's schedule is different so find one that works for you!

It is okay to change your mind. Whether you decide to change your major, change your views regarding a certain topic, or simply decide that the student group you joined just isn't for you, know that it is okay to change your mind. Don't let your first quarter define the rest of your experience! Instead, give yourself room to grow and adapt to whatever comes your way.