Appointing/Reappointing a Postdoctoral Scholar

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The initial appointment of a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University shall be for a minimum of one (1) year. The first reappointment of a Postdoctoral Scholar from any title into the title Postdoctoral Scholar – Employee shall be for a minimum of two (2) years; however, reappointment may be for less than two years under the following circumstances:

  • Less than two (2) years of programmatic work
  • Less than two (2) years of funding
  • Exhausted eligibility as a Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Work authorization limitations
  • Change in PI
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Salary is based on experience
Appointment Step for Experience Level Minimum Stipend Salary Rates
0 (0-11 months) $54,540
1 (12-23 months) $56,712
2 (24-35 months) $58,608
3 (36-47 months) $60,780
4 (48-60 months) $63,036
5 (61-72 months) by exception $65,292


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Does postdoc require relocation funds?

You can offer relocation expenses to postdocs for up to half the total cost but this is covered by the faculty.
Expenses that may be reimbursed up to half the cost are: packing, freight (not storage) and insurance of household goods, air coach transportation for appointee and immediate family, meals en route for appointee and immediate family. If travel is by automobile, the cost of meals is an allowable expense only to the extent that might have been necessary if travel had been by air coach. All receipts (gas, meals, etc.) must be submitted in order to be reimbursed.
The one important note is that if you are funding the postdoc entirely from extramural funds, the relocation expenses must be paid from non-state funds.


Provide a reasonably detailed description of expectations, major responsibilities and techniques expected to be used in the research program.
Provide primary work site location.