Welcome to the BFTV Cluster Advising Team. Below is a list of the services we provide.

  • Contact: (FST/VEN and BAE AET major) and (BAE EBS major)
  • Academic Advising, prospective, continuing, and transfer students regarding the major and college requirements.
  • Admissions, Academic Planning, Change of Major, PTA Numbers/Grade change petitions
  • Student recruitment/outreach and admissions (Undergrad and Graduate)
  • Course Evaluation and DESII reporting
  • Course Catalog, Course Scheduling, Room Reservations, Course Material Fees.
  • TA Selection, Job Description, Offer Letters & TA Financial Break-down
  • Academic dress, degree certification, departmental awards/citations, exit interviews
  • Textbook Adoptions and course-related copying
  • Accreditation Management, Program Reviews (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Student related events (commencement, back to school BBQ); Seminar notices
  • Teaching Committee support, Advisor to Student Groups
  • Internships - domestic & international
  • Departmental Scholarships

General Information

For students enrolled in: 

  • Food Science and Technology 
  • Textiles and Clothing 
  • Viticulture and Enology 

The BFTV Advising Team is here to assist you with academic advising for undergraduate and graduate programs in Food Science, Textiles, and Viticulture & Enology. The Advising Team can help with college, university and major requirements, academic planning, transfer credit and petitions. We also maintain student and class records, provide resources and referrals on student services, and we are involved in recruitment and outreach. 

The Advising Center is located next to the Student Lounge in Room 1204, South Building, Robert Mondavi Institute, at the South end of the UC Davis campus. 
Need to meet with your advisor? Go to the Advising Appointment System to see available times. 

Need help learning how to register for classes, plan your coursework, or make an advising appointment? Here are some videos to help you. 

If you are not currently a student and would like to meet with an advisor, please contact the Advising Team at

BFTV Advising Center 
Room 1204 
South Building 
Robert Mondavi Institute 

Touring and Visiting 

The UC Davis College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences offers tours for prospective students and their families.