IT Support & Services

General Information

BAE Department Users will email for assistance.

The BFTV Cluster information technology support team is located in the RMI building complex. The IT team is responsible for computer support in the departments of Food Science and Technology, Textiles and Clothing, Viticulture and Enology, and the BFTV Cluster administrative staff.

The IT team provides complete system administration for the BFTV Cluster and department servers, all staff workstations and technology infrastructure, such as, VPN, DNS, WWW, firewall, wireless access points, printers, scanners and network connections. 

The V&E instructional computer laboratory is also maintained by the IT team. There are 18 workstations available for class use. Students enrolled in various courses can receive login credentials for the computer lab through their Advisor, Instructor, or PI sending a request to They will need your email address.

IT Services

  • Computer Services
    • Computer account access
    • Equipment purchasing and planning
    • Software Installation
    • Troubleshooting
  • Conference Room Assistance
    • Projector/TV
    • VoIP/Conference phone
    • Zoom
  • Keycard access management
    • Access reports
    • Room door scheduling
    • User access
  • Seminar Recording
    • Faculty recruitment only

IT Support

For the fastest response to your computer problem please send email to Messages sent to this address are entered into the support ticketing system (Request Tracker), and copied to all of the support staff. Campus users may check the status of their existing requests or submit new requests at

Note: This only applies to requests sent from your ‘’ address. Requests sent using a,, or other non-'' address will not be visible via SelfService.