Human Resources and Payroll

Welcome to the BFTV Cluster HR team.  Below you will find a list of support staff on our team, including a brief description of their area of responsibility and link to their contact information.

  • Recruitment and employment - Staff
  • Classification and reclassifications - Staff
  • Compensation (salary, merits, equity, stipends) - Staff
  • Employee and labor relations - Staff
  • Interpretation of UC system-wide personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements
  • Layoff issues - Staff
  • Leaves including Family Medical Leave (FMLA) – Both Academic and Staff
  • Performance management and evaluation - Staff
  • Injury reporting
  • Volunteers/Temporariy Affiliat Forms/Visitor
Payroll Personnel Assistance
  • Employment Actions, including Payroll Personnel System (PPS) entries (new hires, funding changes, salary actions, appointment changes, separations)
  • Payroll leave actions (time and leave reporting for academic and staff employees)
  • Payroll Time Sheets - on Line Time sheets
  • Student Vacancy Listings
  • Performance Appraisals