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Instructions and utilities for Faculty and Staff to create a VPN connection to access Campus Resources.

You should use the Campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) anytime you access UC Davis restricted resources from any off-campus location, including your home. The VPN encrypts traffic from your computer to the UC Davis network, creating a secure connection. For the latest instructions, visit the website. The variation is the Roles described in step 7 below.

Installing the Pulse Secure VPN Client


Mac OS X Installer

Windows OS 

Windows 64-bit Installer

Configuring the VPN


  1. Open your Pulse Secure client and click the [+] icon to add a new connection.
    Add VPN
  2. Enter the following information, then click Add:
    1. Name: UC Davis VPN
    2. Server URL:
    Pulse Secure Config
  3. When back at the main menu, click the Connect button.
  4. You will receive a dialog box from Campus, click Proceed to continue after reading.
  5. Enter your Kerberos ID and Password/Passphrase in the the corresponding fields, then click Connect.
  6. At the next screen, do the following in the DUO OTP/Command field, then click Connect.
    1. Enter the code generated by your DUO App.
    2. Type push to send a push notification to your primary phone.
    3. Type phone to authenticate via phone callback.
    DUO OTP/Command
  7. Select your Role using an option below, then click Connect.
    1. BFTV-Users: For BFTV Administrative Cluster Staff
    2. FST-VEN-Users: For Faculty/Staff/Researchers in the Food Science and Technology as well as Viticulture & Enology.
    3. FST-VEN-APP-Users: For FST and VEN Faculty/Students who want to have access to special applications such as Comsol Multiphysics.
    VPN Roles
  8. Click Proceed after reading the dialog box at the next window, then after a few seconds you will be connected.

Contact if there are any issues.

VPN Requirements

If you do not have anti-virus software on you computer, you will need to install an approved anti-virus software package on your machine before you can use the BFTV Pulse Secure VPN. The new VPN requires a valid anti-virus program to be running on your computer and be up to date. If you have questions about selecting an anti-virus software, please contact for assistance.