Account Management

Welcome to the BFTV Cluster Account Management Team. Below is a list of the services we provide.

  • Grant and Contract Proposal/Budget proposal and projections & all related forms (initiate Cayuse IPF replaced data sheets).
  • Pre and Post award setup/management (including sub-awards)
  • Business Agreements and Contracts - Independent consultants
  • Effort Commitment and Cost Sharing & Effort Reporting
  • Financial Statements/Reports to Sponsoring Agency, no cost extensions and re-budget requests
  • Departmental Financial and Budgetary Analysis
  • Salary Projections, Funding Updates, and Student Extension coordination
  • Funding entries and updates
  • Summer Salary processing
  • Donations and Gifts
  • Recharge billing - Internal & external billing for approved rates (
  • Self-Supporting/Recharge Rate creation
  • Purchase approvals, stipend payments, and all other financial related requests.
  • Deposit incoming checks