BFTV Pulse Secure VPN

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Instructions and utilities for BFTV staff and faculty to create the VPN network to the BFTV servers. 

The BFTV cluster maintains a VPN to allow staff and faculty to securely access university-related materials from the servers. In order to access the servers remotely you must configure the Pulse Secure VPN client on each of the computers you plan to use to access the server. Below we provide instruction on configuring and using the Pulse Secure VPN client for most major operating systems. 


Instructions for Mac OS X 

Mac OS X Installer

Windows OS 

Instructions for Windows 

Windows 64-bit Installer 

VPN Requirements 

If you do not have anti-virus software on you computer, you will need to install an approved anti-virus software package on your machine before you can use the BFTV Pulse Secure VPN. The new VPN requires a valid anti-virus program to be running on your computer and be up to date. If you have questions about selecting an anti-virus software, please contact for assistance.