Types of Staff Positions

Types of Staff Positions (also see PPSM-3)

  1. Career
    • Requires Open Recruitment
    • 4-6 week hiring process (less if PD is existing in employment system)
    • Cannot be retroactive
    • Can be any title
    • Length is indefinite- can only end via layoff due to funding or lack of work (consult HR Manager), or performance/corrective action/termination (also consult HR Manager)
  1. Limited- no candidate in mind
    • Open Recruitment
    • Can be any title
    • Position limited to 1000 hours worked in a rolling calendar year
    • (if over 1000, employee will automatically transition to career)
    • Can be extended if under the 1000 hour threshold- see HR Manager
  1. Limited- pre selected candidate/Short-Term Emergency hire
    • Position filled via direct-hire pre-selected candidate
    • Candidate must meet minimum qualifications for positions
    • Can be any title
    • Employee limited to 865 hours worked in position
    • Extension is at the discretion of central HR (see HR Manager)
    • Employee cannot be rehired in STE position until after a 4 month break in service
  1. Contract
    • Must be 99 (non-represented) position.  Union covered titles cannot be employed via contract
    • Can be open recruitment or direct hire (pre-selected candidate)
    • Contracts are done in monthly increments of up to one year, can extend up to 5 years on the same contract (see HR Manager)
    • Contract employees are ineligible for salary increases