J-1 New Scholar Check-In and Orientation

Arrival and Check-In

When first arriving at UC Davis, J-1 scholars must check-in with SISS by completing our iGlobal check-in eForm at https://iglobal.ucdavis.edu. Scholars should refer to instructions provided to you with your SISS welcome packet. Timely check-in is required for SEVIS record validation and new J scholar orientation sign up. If you have questions, please email SISSscholar@ucdavis.edu.

Orientation Agenda

Attendance at a scholar orientation is required to validate the stay of all new J-1 international scholars.  At orientation, scholars will learn about:

  • The International Scholar Advisors at SISS and more information about SISS’s services and resources
  • Health Insurance Requirements for Scholars
  • J-1 Rules and Regulations, Including:
    • International Travel
    • Two Year Home Residency Requirement (212e)
    • Incidental Employment Restrictions and J-2 Employment
  • The City of Davis and the UC Davis Community
  • Recreational Opportunities
  • International House
  • Transportation
  • California Driver’s License
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Tax Information
  • UC Davis Identification (ID) Card (“Aggie Card”)
  • And more!

Orientation Venues

There are three choices for attending a new J-1 scholar orientation. Scholars will be able to select an orientation option during completion of the iGlobal check-in eForm. Even if scholars attend an orientation in person, they can also review the Online Slideshow for the Davis campus or the Online Slideshow for the Sacramento campus (Medical Center).

1. Davis Main Campus:

Orientation for scholars working at the main campus in Davis is held in the Conference Room on the 3rd Floor at the International Center. In general, these orientations take place every 3 weeks on a Thursday morning. Scholars will be given information on the precise location, day and time of the next orientation when they register for orientation.

2. Sacramento Medical Center:

Orientation at the Sacramento Campus, Education Building at the corner of 45th and X Streets (map).  These orientations generally take place once a month on Friday at 9:00am. When you make your reservation, you will be told the time and location for the next session.

3. Orientation Online:

If you would like to do orientation online, please visit the Online Slideshow for the Davis campus or the Online Slideshow for the Sacramento campus (Medical Center). Scholars who choose to do the online orientation must complete it within the first two weeks of their arrival in the United States. It is strongly advised that you do not travel or attempt to get a Social Security Number or California’s Driver’s License before reviewing the information in this presentation. After completing this orientation, scholars must submit copies of the below documents.

All Scholars Must Provide the Following Documents at Orientation:

All new J-1 scholars will be asked to upload the following documents with submission of their completed iGlobal check-in eForm.

•Copy of current Visa Stamp for scholar and any J-2 dependents

•Copy of DS-2019 document for scholar and any J-2 dependents

•Copy of I-94 record online for scholar and any J-2 dependents

•If the scholar or J-2 dependent used a new passport to enter the US, please include a copy of the passport ID page (this is not necessary if the scholar has already sent current passport copies to SISS prior to arrival).

I-94: Arrival/Departure Record

You can now check your record online and print an I-94. If there is an error on the electronic I-94, please contact your SISS international scholar advisor immediately for help.